Check Point is a leading auto service & repair center in Dubai, U.A.E. We provide all types of services & parts for your vehicle.

Our team of experts has been handpicked from the most reputable garages around the world. In addition, monthly training is provided to ensure that all staff are up to date with all types of vehicles & models.

The technology used in Check Point competes with the most modern machinery used in all main vehicle agencies. Only the best is provided for our staff to ensure the perfect job is done every time.

Our facilities are extremely luxurious to maximise the comfort our visiting customer as well as ensure our staff are working in a happy & safe environment at all times.

When leaving your vehicle at our facility, be assured that it will be kept within an air-conditioned, clean & safe environment which can only be provided by the most prestigious of Auto Centres.

The founders of Check Point are all experienced in the field of automobiles and know exactly how to provide the highest level of quality without the need to make customers spend a fortune on their vehicles.