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Most people find it really nice to add an extra layer to the body of their vehicles, and that is in the form of paints. Touch up paint prevents your car from discoloration which most cars experience after some years due to hot sun. Also, when you have a collision or are removing scratches from your vehicle, auto paint helps to get ahead in the repair.  

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auto paint

Service information

In line with reliable mechanical and electrical services, we deliver an ample line of body paint services. We have a partnership with experienced dealers in the auto paint market who guarantee paints of the highest quality most especially from top touch up paint brands.

Bring your car our workshop, and we will transform the faded body paint into an original manufacturer’s color.

Why Check Point Auto paint service?

We provide lines of automotive body paint products – easy and affordable to restore and prolong the beauty of your car.

How do I know what color is best for me?

This is simple. Except you are looking for body paint for a sporting vehicle, there is always a line of color for car brands. If you don’t have any color in mind, relax. We have a system where you can select your car’s make to easily find out the color match for your vehicle.

I can’t find the color I like, what should I do?

If after you have checked, yet you did not find the best color for your vehicle, just relax. Our professionals will get in touch to provide instructions to guide you in making proper decisions that will make your car look stunning again.

Do you offer customized auto painting?

If you want a custom-made painting for your car, our personnel will engage you with vital information regarding that.

Can I paint my car by myself?

While many people have tried painting their cars by themselves, they often come to our workshop to fix the mess. Thus, engaging our professionals who have been in the automotive industry for numerous years is a smart thing to do.

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