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Car Body Repair

Body Repair

We cannot all be careful on the road and that is why minor and major accidents occur on the road. When crashes occur, you need car body repair shop or a scratch repair specialists that will work on the vehicle body parts to restore it back to its original company appearance. Our specialists help to stretch out the dents parts of your vehicle giving it a brand new look.

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Car Body Repair

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Our skilled staff are highly knowledgeable about how to keep to conceal scratch marks and smooth out dented parts. Body repair with a CheckPoint car painter affords you to leave with a brand new car.

If you think you need to change the entire color of the car, our experts can work with you towards making a desirable color that speaks volume about you.

Why come to Check Point for car painting?

At our workshop, we offer genuine and quality dent and scratch repair that is affordable and are done within a few days.

There are specifications for car paints and the appropriate color for their textures; hence you need to consider where these technicalities are known and adhered to.

What’s the difference between a dent repair and scratch repair?

Dents typically result from a car crash and are usually deep, while scratches are not very deep and occur when your car gets in contact with a sharp object.

How long does dent repair and scratch repair take?

Scratch repair doesn’t take much time compared to dent repair. However, to know when your car will be ready for pick up or delivery after body repair has been made, our expert car painter the vehicle must be seen for evaluation.

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