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Car Mechanic Repair

mechanical repair

The longevity and comfort you will enjoy from a vehicle come from its mechanical performance. So, getting your car repair done by qualified experts is crucial, Check Point is one of the very few garages offering overall mechanic automotive service to every vehicle. Our experts work alongside our value to deliver outstanding auto mechanic repair for different kinds of vehicle.

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Mechanic Repair

1. Service information

Ranging from car engine repairs, brakes pad repairs, suspension repairs, and other accessories, we take care of all your vehicle mechanical problems.

We have over the time worked on latest cars including electric cars, providing absolute car repair of faulty engine, wheel and alignment components, etc.

We have a team of meticulous staff who take full approach to provide information and do what is required (repair) to get your car back on the road.

2. What are the common problems for a car mechanical repair?

On the average, the common mechanical problems revolve around CV joints, wheels and alignment, and brake pads.

3. Where can I find my CV joints on the car?

For someone driving a front wheel car, the best way to locate your constant velocity joints is to look inside the drive drafts. The CV joints are located just at the end points of the drive shafts. So if your car has front wheel, then it has CV joints.

4. Why it’s not safe to drive with bad CV joint.

CV joint typically allows you to navigate your wheel as the car is moving on the road. So failure to repair once you notice some signs is dangerous because bad CV joint can stifle your vehicle making it extremely difficult to turn or even navigate when driving. 

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