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Car servicing and maintenance

servicing and maintenance

While you cannot do without fueling or charging your batteries, the necessity for vehicle inspection is not to be taken lightly because your vehicle performance relies on maintenance. Periodic car maintenance increases your chances of spending less budget and subsequently saves your energy. Our workshop maintenance vehicle team has different industrial skill sets that tackles every aspect of the car.

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servicing & maintenance

Service Information

Check Point provides a wide variety of vehicle inspection services including steering maintenance, servicing of air conditioner, inspection and replacement of brake pads, constant velocity joints, gear fluid checks, oil change, wheel balancing and alignments.

Our experts work with top-notch industry equipment engendered towards quality service, thereby making sure that faults and defects in your vehicle are corrected, removed and replaced as required.

What are the maintenance vehicle sections?

The total health of a car depends on optimal performance of its components. This is an obvious fact. Our maintenance service involves changing your oil and the filter to keep your engine working at par.

Exhaust mufflers servicing also keeps your car from making annoying noise. Detection of any defects by our technicians on your brake pads will be repaired immediately to keep you and your vehicle operating safely.

Our regular ac checks help to keep your car cool by cleaning the filter from dirt while also increasing the gas mileage.

Why do I need Regular Inspection?

Aside from incurring more cost if any defects happen, regular servicing and maintenance keeps you safe on the road. So, periodic checks will allow technicians to detect early if the vehicle is operating below standard.

Do I need to regularly check for my tires?

Yes, you do. It is clear that many people don’t know how to check the expiration of their tire and this is fine. Regular inspections help to monitor when your car tires will expire and inform you of necessary changes.

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