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Classic Cars Repair & Maintenance

We know your classic car needs professional help to function optimally and hold value. Our outstanding vintage car repair service is a great one, to begin with. Our classic car mechanic(s) are versed about common challenges of old cars and then offer professional approaches towards restoring them to beauty. Our experts meticulously work on full-body parts, including the interior vehicle parts.

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classic cars Maintenance & repair

Service information

Our experienced experts in vintage car repair use the latest technology to diagnose the car problem.

Working on various vintage cars: both repair and maintenance are made according to the classic car manufacturer’s manual and recommendation to ensure that it maintains its authenticity.

Perhaps if you’re considering customizing the car’s interior or exterior, our experts are open to help you.

Our Classic Car Repair and Maintenance Coverage

We provide classic car repairs which span across engine maintenance, waxing of car exterior to protect paint and keep it shiny. We can also tune-up the car electrical and other mechanical systems such as ignition wires, light, battery, coolant, spark plugs, wheel and balancing.

We can re-equip your vintage car with upgrades of necessary modern capacities such as transmission coolers, water pumps, radiators etc.

Can I get air conditioner installation?

Yes. Since most vintage cars do not come with AC, we select the original factory air conditioning system that perfectly works with your classic car. We will carefully build the vents using your vintage car model products based on the model.

Can I get heat system installation?

In addition to the AC system is the heat systems. We install heat systems that our customers are always happy to have in their classic cars.

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