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Every vehicle runs on a complex connection of network for performance and these connections show in the kind of defects they show. Also, these defects are clear in the kinds of vehicle models.  

To avoid complications, getting technicians who are specialists and have track records in handling your kind of vehicle is as good as the health of your car. 

You need electrical car repair technicians that you can trust and that’s where Check Point comes in. 

There are signals you should watch out for as they indicate your car needs urgent electrical repairing. 

The first signal is that when you start your car and notice some clicking or grinding sound, it means it’s time to call for a technician. 

Vehicle dashboard is another indicator of electrical system functioning. If you discover your dashboard isn’t illuminating properly, most likely, the electrical system has developed a fault. 

So in this case, you need auto electric repair

Some of the problems the air conditioner can develop include:

  • the AC blowing out hot air instead of cold air
  • No pressure as the air blows out.
  • lack of air from the AC vent.

Knowing the right workshop for your car ac repair requires that you choose from a range of workshops having staff who know air conditioning inside-out.

Our ac technicians are not only skilled in refiling gas or in maintenance but also understand the need to safeguard your health.

At our workshop, we offer genuine and quality dent and scratch repair that is affordable and are done within a few days.

There are specifications for car paints and the appropriate color for their textures; hence you need to consider where these technicalities are known and adhered to.

Dents typically result from a car crash and are usually deep, while scratches are not very deep and occur when your car gets in contact with a sharp object.

Scratch repair doesn’t take much time compared to dent repair. However, to know when your car will be ready for pick up or delivery after body repair has been made, our expert car painter the vehicle must be seen for evaluation.

On the average, the common mechanical problems revolve around CV joints, wheels and alignment, and brake pads.

For someone driving a front wheel car, the best way to locate your constant velocity joints is to look inside the drive drafts. The CV joints are located just at the end points of the drive shafts. So if your car has front wheel, then it has CV joints.

CV joint typically allows you to navigate your wheel as the car is moving on the road. So failure to repair once you notice some signs is dangerous because bad CV joint can stifle your vehicle making it extremely difficult to turn or even navigate when driving. 

Insufficient fluid in the transmission system can cause transmission failure. Also if the fluid is contaminated, transmission failure can occur.

Transmission repairs for an expert can be straightforward. However, depending on the manufacturer, it may require some electrical work. But whichever way, our experts will help you get your car back on the road.

For manual vehicles, insufficient fluid can cause noisy transmission and wear out the car internal parts. And for automatic vehicles, lack of fluid or contaminated fluid can cause the transmission to slip and later fail completely.

The total health of a car depends on optimal performance of its components. This is an obvious fact. Our maintenance service involves changing your oil and the filter to keep your engine working at par.

Exhaust mufflers servicing also keeps your car from making annoying noise. Detection of any defects by our technicians on your brake pads will be repaired immediately to keep you and your vehicle operating safely.

Our regular ac checks help to keep your car cool by cleaning the filter from dirt while also increasing the gas mileage.

Aside from incurring more cost if any defects happen, regular servicing and maintenance keeps you safe on the road. So, periodic checks will allow technicians to detect early if the vehicle is operating below standard.

Yes, you do. It is clear that many people don’t know how to check the expiration of their tire and this is fine. Regular inspections help to monitor when your car tires will expire and inform you of necessary changes.

Getting your car paint protected comes with some number of benefits. First is that it gives your car a very neat and shiny appearance for an extended period. Added to this is that it can prevent slight scratches which can easily be detected if paint protector isn’t applied.

Paint protection, depending on the material, is applied directly to the car. The paint gets applied raw to your car and after that, it is waxed and shined for some time.

Applying paint protector to your car by yourself isn’t advisable because there are health risks involved. Besides, this is a professional’s work and such professionals have all the tools, equipment and technical know-how required for handling a paint protector.

We provide lines of automotive body paint products – easy and affordable to restore and prolong the beauty of your car.

This is simple. Except you are looking for body paint for a sporting vehicle, there is always a line of color for car brands. If you don’t have any color in mind, relax. We have a system where you can select your car’s make to easily find out the color match for your vehicle.

If after you have checked, yet you did not find the best color for your vehicle, just relax. Our professionals will get in touch to provide instructions to guide you in making proper decisions that will make your car look stunning again.

If you want a custom-made painting for your car, our personnel will engage you with vital information regarding that.

While many people have tried painting their cars by themselves, they often come to our workshop to fix the mess. Thus, engaging our professionals who have been in the automotive industry for numerous years is a smart thing to do.

Yes. Since most vintage cars do not come with AC, we select the original factory air conditioning system that perfectly works with your classic car. We will carefully build the vents using your vintage car model products based on the model.

In addition to the AC system is the heat systems. We install heat systems that our customers are always happy to have in their classic cars.

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