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porsche service repair dubai


Porsche Service And Repair Dubai | No. 1 Servicing & Repairing Center

Check Point Dubai offers a wide range of general Porsche service and repair to comprehensive electronic diagnostics and air conditioning. We always use company approved parts to make sure that your warranty is not affected and your vehicle is running at its optimum level .

In our car garage, Porsche servicing and repairing are performed to the most stringent standards of quality by our highly trained and experienced team of professionals. We are always passionate about your cars and work very hard to make sure they are at their best condition.

As the leading independent Porsche service center in Dubai, we have a state-of-the-art workshop which features the most technologically advanced and sophisticated servicing and diagnostic facilities. Every task is performed by our highly trained and experienced Porsche experts. Check Point is dedicated to making your Porsche ownership trouble-free, exciting and purely awesome!


What Makes Us The Best Porsche Service And Repair Center In Dubai?

At Check Point, we pride ourselves on being the best Porsche service and repair center in Dubai. Whether you require a minor tune-up, major engine overhaul or maybe even electric diagnosis – we undertake all types of mechanical, electrical or cosmetic services to your absolute satisfaction, and with unparalleled levels of care and attention.

Our reputation is number one because we put the needs of our clients first, don’t compromise on the quality of our work, and keep the rates as low as possible. Our labor and auto part rates are very competitive and we firmly believe that you cannot get a better quality service at such reasonable prices, for all the models within the Porsche vehicle range.

We are conveniently located in Al Quoz, Dubai.


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porsche service repair dubai
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